Crommer Ditch

Site Name: Crommer Ditch
Site Location: Hillsdale County, MI
Receiving Waterbody: East Branch→St. Joseph River→Maumee River→Lake Erie
Year Constructed: 2003

Project History and Purpose:
Crommer is an incised drainage channel draining a 5.0-square mile watershed with row crops and pasture (81%), forest (18%), and water and wetlands (1%). Prior to construction of the two-stage channel, Creel Ditch was a trapezoidal channel was subject to bank failure, required frequent maintenance, and frequently flooded adjacent fields. The Nature Conservancy – Upper St. Joseph Project Office received a grant from the Great Lakes Commision to fund construction of a 2100-foot reach of Creel Ditch. Crommer Ditch was a joint project between The Nature Conservancy, The Ohio State University, the Hillsdale County Drain Commision, and a single landowner.

Crommer Ditch Watershed Map
Geographic location of Crommer Ditch.

Crommer Ditch before two-stage modifications.
Crommer Ditch prior to modification.

Crommer Ditch immediately after construction.
Crommer Ditch shortly after construction.

Crommer Ditch during flood conditions.
Crommer Ditch under flood conditions.

Crommer Ditch 6 years after construction.
Crommer Ditch 6 years after construction.

Drainage Area: 5.0-square miles
Channel Slope: 0.34%
Project Length: 2100-feet

Earthwork Cost:
     - Site Preparation: $0
     - Soil Excavation, Hauling, and Disposal: $21,000
          - 6,553-cubic yards @ $3.20 per cubic yard
          - 3.1-cubic yards per linear foot of channel
          - $10.00 per linear foot
Outlet protection and erosion control: Costs included under earthwork
Seed and Seeding: $0
Repairs: $0
Engineering, survey, and inspection: $0 (design completed in-kind by OSU)
Total Cost: $21,000
Cost per linear foot: $10.00

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