Davis-Freeman Ditch

Site Name: Davis-Freeman Ditch
Site Location: Dekalb County, IN and Noble County, IN
Receiving Waterbody: Cedar Creek→St. Joseph→Maumee River→Lake Erie
Year Constructed: 2008

Project History and Purpose:
The Davis-Freeman Ditch is in the Little Cedar Creek watershed, an area identified in the Cedar Creek Watershed Plan (2005) as a critical area providing excessive sediment to Cedar Creek. The channel drains a watershed consisting of row crops and pasture (73%), forest (16%), urban and residential areas (7%), and water and wetlands (3%). Soil types in the watershed include Hydrologic Soil Groups A, B, C, and D. The drainage channel was maintained or “dipped out” in 2007 to enhance conveyance capacity and improve the function of subsurface drainage systems in the adjacent fields. Flood conditions in early 2008 caused extensive bank erosion and bank failures that filled the channel with sediment. In an effort to deal with these issues, the St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative secured funding and in-kind donations from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Maumee River Basin Commission, and Noble County Surveyors Office to implement the two-stage channel design.

Davis-Freeman Watershed Map
Geographic location of Davis-Freeman Ditch.

Davis-Freeman Ditch One-Sided Construction.
Construction of a one-sided two-stage channel.

Davis-Freeman Ditch after construction
Two-stage channel constrcution along a bend.

Davis-Freeman Ditch outlet.
Transition from two-stage channel to trapezoidal channel.

Drainage Area:
7.0-square miles
Channel Slope: 0.4%
Project Length: 4029-feet

Earthwork Cost:
     - Mobilization: $0
     - Site Preparation: $0
     - Soil excavation, hauling, and disposal: $23,050
          - 11,616-cubic yards @ $1.98 per cubic yard
          - 2.9-cubic yards per linear foot of channel
          - $5.72 per linear foot
Outlet protection and erosion control: $21
Seed and Seeding: $31,911 (Seed - $1,602; Seeding - $30,309)
Repairs: $0
Engineering, survey, and inspection: $5,209
Total Cost: $60,192
Cost per linear foot: $14.94

Cost breakdown:

Davis-Freeman Ditch cost

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