Klase Ditch

Site Name: Klase Ditch
Site Location: Shelby County, OH
Receiving Waterbody: Loramie Creek→Great Miami River→Ohio River→Mississippi River
Year Constructed: 2005

Project History and Purpose:
Klase Ditch was modified to a two-stage channel to increase conveyance capacity and reduce flooding in fields adjacent to the channel. The original channel was incised and had bank stability issues throughout the project reach that required the landowner to frequently maintain the channel. Klase Ditch has a small watershed that drains agricultural fields and pasture (94%), forest (6%), residential areas (0.4%), and water and wetlands (0.2%). All of the soils in the contributing watershed are Hydrologic Soil Group C and much of the agricultural lands have subsurface tile drains to facilitate production. The two-stage channel was constructed in 2005 through the joint efforts of the landowners, the Miami Conservancy District, Shelby County Soil and Water Conservation District, Loramie Valley Alliance, and The Ohio State University. The Ohio State University surveyed the site and developed a conceptual design which Miami Conservancy District Engineers used to create construction plans. Funding for the project was provided by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 Program.

Klase Ditch Watershed Map
Geographic location of Klase Ditch.

Klase Ditch before modification
Klase Ditch before two-stage modification.

Klase Ditch during construction.
Klase Ditch during construction.

Klase Ditch immediately after construction.
Klase Ditch immediately after construction.

Klase Ditch several years after construction.
Klase Ditch several years after construction.

Drainage Area: 2.7-square miles
Channel Slope: 0.2%
Project Length: 3100-feet

Earthwork Cost: $119,384
     - Mobilization: $1,500
     - Site Preparation: $17,500 (brush and debris removal)
     - Soil Excavation, Hualing, and Disposal: $100,384
          - 23,130-cubic yards @ $5.16 per cubic yard
          - 7.5-cubic yards per linear foot of channel
          - $38.51 per linear foot
Outlet protection and erosion control: $5,100
Seed and Seeding: $6,328
Repairs: $0
Engineering, survey, and inspection: $0 (in-kind contribution)
Total Cost: $130,812
Cost per linear foot: $42.20

Cost breakdown:

Klase Ditch construction cost distribution.


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