Needles Creek

Site Name: Needles Creek
Site Location: Wood County, OH
Receiving Waterbody: Middle Branch Portage River→Portage River→Lake Erie
Year Constructed: 2003

Project History and Purpose:
Needles Creek was a relatively stable drainage channel that underwent intermittent maintenance prior to the two-stage construction. Needles Creek drains a watershed with agriculture and pasture (98%), forest (1%), residential areas (<1%), and water and wetlands (<1%). Soils in the watershed are Hydrologic Soil Group C and D and many fields have improved subsurface drainage. The reach of Needles Creek that was modified to a two-stage channel is owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Wildlife Division. ODNR designed and constructed the Needles Creek project primarily to enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitat and provide water quality benefits. The two-stage channel was sized and constructed as a one-sided two-stage channel, with all of the necessary floodplain located on the right-hand side of the river. The floodplain benches were somewhat undersized and high flows occasionally scour the benches in some areas along the reach; however, most areas have well established vegetation and provide water quality and habitat benefits.

Needles Creek Watershed Map
Geographic location of Needles Creek.

Needles Creek several years post-construction.
Needles Creek several years after modifications.

Needles Creek bench scour
Scour on benches at Needles Creek.

Needles Creek during flood event.
Needles Creek during flood conditions.

Drainage Area: 12.9-square miles
Channel Slope: 0.2%
Project Length: 1312-feet

Earthwork Cost: $31,300
     - Mobilization: $0
     - Site Preparation: $0
     - Soil Excavation, Hualing, and Disposal: $31,300
          - 18,445-cubic yards @ $1.70 per cubic yard
          - 14.1-cubic yards per linear foot of channel
          - $23.86 per linear foot
Outlet protection and erosion control: $700
Seed and Seeding: $0
Repairs: $0
Engineering, survey, and inspection: $0 (ODNR in-kind)
Total Cost: $32,000
Cost per linear foot: $24.39

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