Sugar Creek (Allen County)

Site Name: Sugar Creek
Site Location: Allen County, OH
Receiving Waterbody: Ottawa River→Auglaize River→Maumee River→Lake Erie
Year Constructed: 2008

Project History and Purpose:
Sugar Creek is an agricultural drainage channel within the Maumee River Basin which is designated as a Great Lakes Area of Concern. Prior to construction of the two-stage reach on Sugar Creek the drainage channel was a traditional trapezoidal channel with extensive bank erosion causing sedimentation problems. Sugar Creek drains a watershed consisting of row crops and pasture (87%), forest (12%), and water and wetlands (<1%). Watershed soils are Hydrologic Soil Group C.
In an effort to stabilize Sugar Creek, reduce downstream erosion, and demonstrate the two-stage ditch design concept the Ottawa River Coalition organized project partners to implement the two-stage design. Other major project partners included the Allen County Soil and Water Conservation District and Allen County Engineer’s Office. Funding for the project was obtained through the Great Lakes Commission – Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Task Force under the Great Lakes Basin for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control and through mitigation funding from the construction of an ethanol plant. Project engineering and design was completed by Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. from Columbus, OH. Implementation of the project has lead to reduced erosion and improved aquatic habitat. The project costs were higher than anticipated, but the project team estimated that in the future a similar project could be done for ~$16-$20 per linear foot which is comparable to traditional maintenance methods which cost ~$9-$18 per linear foot.

Sugar Creek Watershed Map
Geographic location of Sugar Creek.

Sugar Creek before modifications.
Sugar Creek before two-stage channel modifications.

Sugar Creek during construction
Sugar Creek during construction.

Sugar Creek two-stage channel.
Sugar Creek two-stage channel.

Sugar Creek Cross Sections
Sugar Creek existing and proposed cross sections.

Drainage Area: 5.1-square miles
Channel Slope: 0. %
Project Length: 4650-feet

Earthwork Cost: $76,120
     - Mobilization: $0
     - Site Preparation: $0
     - Soil excavation, hauling, and disposal: $76,120
          - $16.37 per linear foot
Outlet protection and erosion control: $13,904 (tributary outlet relocation)
Seed and Seeding: $18,786
Repairs: $0
Engineering, survey, and inspection: $65,704
Total Cost: $174,514
Cost per linear foot: $37.53

Cost breakdown:

Sugar Creek construction cost distribution.

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