Tools and Models

Stream and ditch physical condition is increasingly a priority for resource managers. Assessment, monitoring, naturalization and restoration techniques continue to be developed and standardized. Toward these ends a suite of spreadsheet tools, the STREAM Modules, has been developed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and The Ohio State University. The modules were developed to educate users on channel form and channel function as well as to aid in decision-making and project prioritization. Features of the modules include:

  1. Reducing channel survey data and calculating basic bankfull hydraulic characteristics.
  2. Determining the dimensions of typical channel form and the equilibrium state of channel systems including meander pattern.
  3. Illustrating the difference between existing and proposed channel form.
  4. Calculating, via expanded and condensed forms, critical dimensionless shear, boundary roughness and common bed load equations.
  5. Computing hydraulic and bed load characteristics in a side-by-side comparison of two channels of different user-defined forms.
  6. Performing preliminary alternative channel design and design comparision, water quality, and cost-benefit analyses.